growtopia hacking tool *No download NO SURVEY* proof of working

Growtopia Online Hack Tool - Open here

This is a tool written to make the tedious act of farming no more.

It is a better alternative to GABB and others because it has no virus, it sends keystrokes+mouse commands instead of only mouse, it’s easy to use, has Hotkeys, and It can run in the background while you use your PC for other things 😉
I will create another version with a better interface Later.

If you have a question Add me on Gtgtuber#7307

I do not take responsability of your actions and do not encourage you to hack. This is only for educational purposes.

*IMP*: If you have problems placing blocks in BFG : READ the text the program is showing you. Your growtopia needs to be normal ZOOM (zoomed in), And your mouse cursor should be OUTSIDE the growtopia window.

Link for Growtopia Autofarm version 1:

32Bit :

Link for Sandboxie :

If sandboxie is giving an error “SBIE2331 Service start failed” it means that it can’t start the service. If growtopia starts anyway, ignore the message. If not, Try using windows admin account or run it as administrator. If it still doesn’t work search for a solution on google.

No need to disable Antivirus. There wasn’t too much false positives

Virus Total

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Growtopia Online Hack Tool - Open here