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Watch this video to understand how to SOLVE ALL of the Treasure Maps in Growtopia. (Skip the video to the riddle you need solution for or you can watch the whole video. :D)

3:40 – JUNGLE WEATHER = “This map is covered in strange designs and shifting letters! The runes have a dangerous sheen of gold, though…”

6:40 – WARP WEATHER = “This map is covered in strange designs and shifting letters! They get a little easier to see when you’re moving faster, though…”

8:50 – MARS WEATHER = “This map is covered in strange designs and shifting letters! The language isn’t like anything you’ve heard of on Earth, though…”

12:25 – NIGHT WEATHER = “This map is covered in strange designs and shifting letters! They’re hard to make out in the light of day, though…”

15:00 – ARID WEATHER = “This map is covered in strange designs and shifting letters! The paper seems quite damp, though…”

17:10 – RAINY WEATHER = “This map is covered in strange designs and shifting letters! The paper seems incredibly dry, though…”
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So i made a new software that allows you to freeze Growtopia and duplicate items with storage box. Growtopia can’t fix this because they dont know how i made this software.



If the file is getting blocked, then press CTRL + J and press “KEEP”
How to Turn off Windows Defender?

you have to turn off your windows defender/other antivirus before downloading the program all the detections are FALSE POSITIVE the detections are caused by my obfuscation on the program so you guys can’t steal its source. This program does not contain any unwanted software but might be blocked due to the program being very new. Press “keep this file”, if it gets blocked

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