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Hey guys, this one was a bit different. We found a new flying glitch. I thank everybody who helped with the video. It was fun to make. Make sure to like, comment anf subscribe for more. Flying troll video maybe? Like the video if you want that.
Person Flying (A): Get the checkpoint.

Person Helping (B): Place a door under the checkpoint.

Peron Helping (B): Punch the door 3 timed with a pic, or until last hit.

Person Flying (A): Respawn before the doors last hit.

Person Flying (A): Spam punch as fast as you can. Sonic fast.

Person Helping (B): Break the door when person A is right above it, or on it when falling.

You’re done! You can be pulled to a different location to make the floating more dramatic and allows you to do emotes in air.
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